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Apartment renovation: Architect or contractor?

Yes, that question is always on your mind when you have to buy a property. I am going to give you my real estate agent' point of view and go over the most frequently asked questions.

For what kind of renovation work?

If the renovations are just about decoration, paint refreshing or a parquet floor to renovate…a business owner is enough.

If you have a more important renovation to do with several trades - with watering places (bathroom, toilet, kitchen) to renovate, partitions to move, spaces to redesign, windows to change - I deeply recommend you to call an architect.

Why call on an architect?

  • He knows and deals with any trades : he is the renovation conductor! He is going to master time budget and the quality of the renovation. The advantage is that you only have one representative. If there is a problem (deformed tiles, rough finishing touch, misfit windows), he is in charge, not you ! I can assure you that it is precious.

  • An architect is unique to give your renovations the charm they deserve, an original rating to your interior, and when it comes to resale, it clearly makes the difference.

Yes but an architect means more costs?

I am going to answer you with a Norman answwer (and I really am!): "yes but no!"

Admittedly he is going to take a commission on your construction site but if you give him a fixed budget to be respected… He will not exceed it and he will make you an offer with solutions that can fit in your budget. You will not have the surprise to be out of your budget because he is going to manage it.

How many times I heard people around me that face decfect histories with a builder.

So, to sum up, going with an architect is buying serenity and property added value.

It is for that reason, that we selected in advanced architect for our clients that wanted to give value to their appartment.

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